The choice of your business calendar is an important consideration as it might make the difference between being on display or assigned to the recycling bin.

You may think that twelve pictures of cranes or chemical toilets perfectly showcase your product range, and you would be correct!

But in reality, a customer is more likely to want to see beautiful scenery, cute animals, humour or fast cars, and this format of promotional calendar is more likely to be placed on a wall or desk and used throughout the year.

Business calendars with a memo section for writing appointments and notes are also popular and more likely to remain in use all year, thus promoting your brand 365 days of the year.

Consider Business Calendar Budget

Your first consideration should be your budget. We have a range of calendars of all different shapes and sizes to suit all budgets. Contact us for advice once your budget is set. 

Don’t Forget About Postage Cost

Another consideration under the budgetary heading is postage cost. We have a range of Royal Mail ‘Large Letter’ size calendars which save considerably on postage cost and still look spectacular on the wall.

Consider Your Industry

Consider the industry your company is in – some formats of calendar are more popular in certain industries. For example, shipping calendars are popular with importers and exporters; promotional desk calendars are more popular with recruitment agencies etc.

Consider your customer’s industry and size. Office based customers often have open plan offices so would favour desk calendars as they have nowhere to hang wall calendars.