Promotional Desk Calendars 2021

Desk calendars have the potential to be by your customers side all year round, in a prominent position on their desks.

They are also Royal Mail ‘Large Letter’ size so you can save on postage whilst still giving a well received business gift.

All our desk calendars are printed both sides so there is a choice of a simple date pad and larger image, or turn the calendar around to show a useful memo section plus smaller image.

Our Office Moods Emoji desk calendar has split leaves so the emoji can be turned separately from the date section. So change your mood as many times as you like – ‘What is your mood today?’

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Promotional Desk Calendars

13 Leaf
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Working From Home Emoji

Special Edition – 13 Leaf

Office Moods Emoji

13 Leaf

Nature's Animals / Beautiful Britain

13 Leaf

Explore Britain

13 Leaf

The Classics / Amazing Aviation

13 Leaf

Nature's Beauty

13 Leaf


13 Leaf


13 Leaf

Roam Free / World Escapes

13 Leaf

Daily Tear Off Easel

What makes desk calendars effective for business promotion?

A promotional desk calendar can take pride of place on your customer’s desk. It is not only pleasing to look at but also practical. It is double sided so can be used for writing your appointments and notes on one side, plus a handy monthly calendar on the other side. Both sides feature a spectacular image which is varnished (with the exception of our most popular desk calendar – The Emoji Desk calendar which has split leaves).

Desk Calendars have the potential to be viewed whenever your customer is working at their desk so all year-round advertising.

Desk calendars are Royal Mail ‘Large Letter’ size so they save on postage costs without being seen as a budget alternative to the larger wall calendars. 

What’s special about our promotional desk calendars?

Our promotional desk calendars are printed on thicker 250gsm paper which gives them a more premium and sturdier feel, without costing the earth. All are fully varnished which also adds to their classiness.

Our most popular desk calendar is the Emoji Desk calendar. Your daily mood can be depicted by choosing the relevant Emoji. The Emoji images can be turned separately to the date section so ‘What is your mood today?’! This calendar is a talking point for any office, it gets people’s attention, which is exactly what you want to promote your brand.  

As well as the Emoji desk calendar we offer several other different themes of desk calendars – scenic, transport, wildlife, there is something for everyone.

Another of out titles is the motivational ‘Inspire’ desk calendar which contains inspirational quotes and words with a corresponding spectacular image.

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