A business calendar advert is considered one of the most effective forms of marketing. It is a way to promote a product or service by grabbing the attention of the recipient.

Therefore, when considering the design and content of the advert for your calendar, and even your choice of calendar, then keep in mind what the recipient, your customer, will think.

1. Keep Your Calendar Advert Uncluttered

You may want a lot of information on your advert but if it looks too cluttered and not interesting then it will not catch the eye.

When your company’s calendar is staring customers in the face day after day, they’re bound to notice your logo and your slogan. If they are not that familiar with your company prior to receiving your promotional business calendar and they chose to display it in their office they will soon become used to seeing it. 

After looking at the calendar every single day for a few weeks, they are probably going to remember what your logo looks like. So, the next time they hear your company name or someone asks about the services your company provides, they’ll be able to remember your name.

2. Make Your Calendar Advert Eye-Catching

If they need the services you offer (and advertise on your calendar) then they’ll remember you and trust you because you were generous enough to give them a beautiful and useful calendar.

A promotional calendar displayed on a wall is an endorsement of your brand by your customer. Anyone walking into their office can see they have an established relationship with your company.

You need to consider whether you want a single colour advert or full colour. Full colour adverts will stand out and be more eye-catching. 

3. Include Contact Details On Your Calendar Advert

All adverts should contain your contact details, this may be obvious but is sometimes overlooked! Company Name, telephone number, email and website address would be the minimum.  You could also add any accreditations and industry logos as well as your own company logo.

Consider how you would like the advert laid out, we can do suggested layouts for your approval and comments, and can do a proof on a leaf of a calendar so you can see how the finished advert would look on a page.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to drop us a message or a question via our contact page.