In order for us to create a proof for your calendar we need a copy of your business calendar advert artwork; or the elements of the advert that are needed for us to create your advert for you e.g. your logo.

We are here to help, and are happy to work with you to help you to supply artwork which we can use to create your calendars quickly, effectively and correctly.

The majority of the adverts that we create for our customers for our stock calendars are provided free of charge as part of our service.

Any delay in supplying artwork may affect your required delivery date.

If you have any queries about supplying your artwork, please head over to our contact page and ping us your question.

Calendar Advert Sizes

If you are supplying your calendar advert artwork already completed and print ready please check to make sure that the advert is the correct size for the calendar. Advert area sizes can be seen on our website in the spec of the relevant calendar, or contact us to confirm the correct size.

Please note that our calendar adverts do not bleed off the sides of the actual calendar – this will be visible on your proof when received.

Bespoke Calendar Images

Any images that are being supplied for bespoke calendar must fit the appropriate template for both size and shape. Pictures will need to be either all portrait or all landscape in format, depending on the design and layout of the calendar template you have chosen.

If your images are of a different size please talk to us to see if they can be used.

If you are going to take photos to be used in your bespoke calendar, for best results use a digital camera with a minimum of 5 mega pixels and set the picture resolution/quality to its highest or its largest setting. Low resolution/small images may not give a good quality result.

Any images must be clearly named.

Full Calendar Print Ready Artwork

Full calendar print ready PDFs should be supplied with at least 3mm bleed on all edges, and trim marks.

Acrobat PDF is the preferred file format for receipt of print ready advert artwork, or full calendar print ready artwork. All PDFs need to be CMYK unless using Spot colours, in which case please make sure that the Spot colours are used correctly and are named properly e.g. (Pantone 345 C), or whatever your pantone colours happen to be.

All fonts must be embedded in the document and the resolution high enough for print quality output.

PDFs come in various versions, from v1.3 (flattened) to v1.8 (layered). Most Desktop Publishing software will allow you to choose which version you save your PDF as – we would always recommend using the highest possible version (currently v1.8) as these are layered files and produce a better print image with less potential problems than 1.3 versions do.

However, there might be times when a flattened PDF is the only way to make your PDF, in which case we will use that version (we might not be able to do minor amends if needed to a PDF made as v1.3).

We will flightcheck any files sent to us as a matter of course.

If you would prefer to send us artwork for us to make PDFs, then there are a few things to note:

  • Please do a ‘collect for output’ in Indesign, this will ensure that you have all the components that we require for making your PDF.
  • In InDesign go to the file menu and choose ‘Package’, just choose where to save the documents and let InDesign do the rest.

If for some reason you can’t do a ‘collect for output’, then you will need to collect all the components manually:

  • We require all the fonts used in the document
  • We require all the Images that are linked to the document
  • We require the actual document as an InDesign file.

Finally, please remember to .Zip all the files into one compressed item and either email it (below 10mb) or send via a file transfer website e.g. WeTransfer or MailBigFile


We use the following professional graphic applications: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat 10.

Image Quality

Images such as photos & some logos should have a minimum resolution of 300 dots per inch (DPI) at the size they are to be reproduced. A resolution less than this and any required enlargements may make the images look jagged or pixelated and give a poor-quality result.


Any required fonts must be supplied with the artwork. Alternatively, if text does not need to be edited it can be converted to outlines or curves.

Digital Print Colours

Digitally produced print uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) to reproduce all printable colours. If a spot colour is specified, a CMYK equivalent conversion will be printed, which may differ slightly.

Any RGB images will get converted to CYMK which may cause a colour shift that you’re not expecting.

Sending Us Artwork

Files can be supplied to us by email (if up to 10Mb in size) or via a file transfer website e.g mailbigfile or WeTransfer. Alternatively, a CD or USB stick can be sent by post.

If possible, send us a print-out of your advert or calendar leaf so that we can ensure that what you send us matches your requirements.