Promotional Shipping Calendars 2021

Promotional Shipping Calendars, with three months to view and a sliding date marker,  are popular in industries such as importing, exporting and shipping companies.

The top section is a large area for your branding, with an optional smaller advert space on each date pad.

Bank holidays for 15 worldwide countries feature and the calendar is available as a UK version or a foreign version with month and week days in French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian as well as English.

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Promotional Branded Shipping Calendars

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UK Version

Foreign Version

What are promotional shipping calendars?

Shipping calendars, or tri-monthly calendars (as they are sometimes called), are a basic type of calendar popular in certain industries e.g. importing, exporting and aviation.

The shipping calendar is split into three sections which are wire bound together. The top section is the advertising section which will prominently feature your company brand and promotional message. The three sections below are date leaves which can be torn off at the end of every month. It is possible to have three different months showing e.g. the top date section would be December; the one beneath would be January with the bottom section showing February. At the end of the month all three date sections would have the top date sheet torn off to reveal the next three months. There is also a useful red sliding date marker on the middle date section so ‘today’s’ date can be marked. These calendars feature no images, they are totally functional and practical.

The date leaves feature bank holidays in a number of European and Worldwide countries which are a useful addition as the industries that these calendars are popular in usually supply or buy to overseas companies.

What makes shipping calendars effective for business promotion?

Shipping calendars are popular in certain industries e.g. importing and exporting so will be a functional and useful addition to the wall of your customer. They are designed for companies specialising in international transactions as they have foreign bank holidays and, in the case of the Foreign version, different languages for the months and week day names.

Your promotional message on the top section of the calendar will stand out and be on view throughout the year.

The practicality of the shipping calendar will ensure it is checked on a daily basis, it also saves on postage as it is Royal Mail ‘Large Letter size, but folds out to be a full-size long length calendar. 

What’s the difference between foreign and UK shipping calendars?

There are two versions of the shipping calendar, a UK and a foreign version.

They are identical however the foreign version also has Month and Week days appearing in five other languages as well as English. The other languages are French, Italian, German, Dutch and Spanish. 

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