Promotional Slimline Calendars 2021

Our Slimline wall calendar range is perfect if space is of a premium on your customer’s walls.

They feature a useful memo section for writing and appointments so your customers have the potential to use them throughout the year, ensuring your brand stays in full view.

Our ‘Watching Nature’ calendar is particularly popular. Each month features descriptions and useful facts as well as beautiful images of nature from around the British Isles. There are things to look out for each month, this calendar is perfectly designed for the nature enthusiast.

Alternatively our Nature’s Beauty slimline calendar features beautiful scenery from around Britain plus an inset animal image.

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Promotional Slimline Wall Calendars

12 Leaf + Cover
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Nature's Beauty

12 Leaf + Cover

Watching Nature

12 Leaf + Cover

DiGi Roam Free

12 Leaf + Cover

DiGi Nature's Animals

12 Leaf + Cover

What makes slimline calendars effective for business promotion?

A slimline promotional calendar is a practical and useful wall calendar, ideal for promoting your brand. The space saving width of the calendar means it does not take up too much space on the wall, plus the memo section is useful for appointments and notes so it is also practical and likely to be used and looked at on a regular basis.

Despite being a lot slimmer than our other wall calendars, our slimline calendars do not lack on content, with spectacular images to view.

What’s special about our promotional slimline calendars?

Our ‘Watching Nature’ slimline calendar is one of a kind. Each page is packed with interesting facts and images of wildlife and nature and it is beautifully designed. It is a visually appealing calendar as well as being extremely useful as it has a memo section for notes and appointments. Every fact and image on each page relate to the month in question so is informative as well as being stunning to look at. Your customers will appreciate such a beautiful calendar on their wall and it is a real talking point.

Our slimline calendars are printed on 200gsm silk paper so have a feel of quality as well as being visually appealing.

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