Promotional Slimline Calendars for 2022

Our Slimline wall calendar range is perfect if space is of a premium on your customer’s walls.

They feature a useful memo section for writing and appointments so your customers have the potential to use them throughout the year, ensuring your brand stays in full view.

Our ‘Watching Nature’ calendar is particularly popular. Each month features descriptions and useful facts as well as beautiful images of nature from around the British Isles. There are things to look out for each month, this calendar is perfectly designed for the nature enthusiast.

Alternatively our Nature’s Beauty slimline calendar features beautiful scenery from around Britain plus an inset animal image.

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We are the manufactuer, designer and distributor of these calendars. When placing an order with us, you can be certain that the prices we give you are accurate and fair.


All Calendars Available

Currently all of our promotional calendars are available for purchase. After ordering your calendars, we will overprint your calendar advert.

Promotional Slimline Calendars for 2022

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Slim Format

Our slimline calendars are very thin, allowing them to fit in spaces other calendars couldn’t.


Memo Area for Note Taking

The only thing better than your clients seeing your promotional calendar on the wall is them using your promotional calendar! That is why this calendar having a memo section optimises brand awareness.

Portrait Orientation

All of the calendars below are portrait. This format is perfect for areas that have plenty of clearance.

Nature’s Beauty

12 Leaves + Cover

Beautiful, sublime scenery from around Britain with an inset animal image, this slimline calendar has evocative images highlighting the beauty of our country.

Watching Nature

12 Leaves + Cover

This informative nature calendar features numerous images of birds, animals, plants and flowers on each leaf.

A month by month snapshot of our countryside with interesting descriptions and ‘Did you know?’ fun facts.

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