Promotional Themed Calendars for 2022

Dramatic, striking and aspiring scenes are a feature of the stunning ‘Inspire’ range of calendars.

Each interesting image is paired with a quotation or motto designed to motivate and inspire.

These calendars appeal to anyone with a spiritual nature, from those with ambition, to adventurers and creatives.

Themed promotional calendars are calendars that have particular unique content. They do not fit into any other category so have a ‘themed’ category of their own.

This category includes our ‘Inspire’ calendar which is a unique promotional calendar popular with businesses. It features a motivational word and saying together with a corresponding image. Keep your customer motivated and Inspired throughout the year.

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We are the manufactuer, designer and distributor of these calendars. When placing an order with us, you can be certain that the prices we give you are accurate and fair.


All Calendars Available

Currently all of our promotional calendars are available for purchase. After ordering your calendars, we will overprint your calendar advert.

Inspire Calendar Range

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Our Inspire calendar range features spectacular images from around the world. We offer this calendar in 6 different variations – so you’re bound to find one that suits your business!


Portrait Wall Calendar


Landscape Wall Calendar


Double Wired Wall Calendar


Desk Calendar


Slimline Calendar


Memo Calendar


Double Wired Memo Calendar


6 Leaf Mini Memo Calendar


12 Leaf Mini Memo Calendar

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